Terms and Conditions

Terms of Booking

Please include the following details when confirming bookings whenever possible:
  • At what time you would like me to arrive on the premises/commence each session.
  • Whether you would like ‘on call’ cover and or visits.
  • Any special circumstances or arrangements. 
  • A confirmation letter will always be sent, including a quote for cover requested, by post or email.  These terms will apply, in all cases, once I have accepted a booking.


  • A normal session is for 4 hours.  This incorporates 3 ½ hours of “consulting” which includes booked appointments, extras, phone calls and visits.  Patients should be booked at 10 minute intervals, even if the normal appointment length for permanent medical staff in the practice is for less than this.  There should be a 10 minute mid-session break.  Thus a three hour surgery would typically consist of a maximum of 17 patient consultations plus associated administration time, and a two and a half hour surgery would typically consist of 14 patient consultations plus associated administration time.
  • Sessions should include a 30 minute period at the end to allow for any over-run or paperwork from the surgery (referrals, chasing results, phone calls etc).  If you need me to manage correspondence, results, repeat prescriptions or carry out visits then please reduce the amount of surgery consulting time accordingly.

Home visits

  • A session can include up to two home visits (in addition to a surgery) if time is made available for this.  Please bear in mind that home visits to unknown patients in unfamiliar environments carry an increased medico-legal risk and will take longer to do when carried out by a doctor who does not know the patient.  As a guide, I would normally expect 30 minutes for each home visit, although this clearly varies with local conditions.


  • Bookings made in good faith should not be cancelled by either party except by mutual agreement.
  • If you book me I will be there as agreed.  I will only cancel a pre-booked session within 28 days of the session in the event of significant illness or accident in myself or a close family member or other unforeseen significant disasters!  In the unlikely event of this occurring I would of course not expect any payment.
  • As a freelance GP I may find difficulty in replacing sessions cancelled at short notice. Equally I realise you will be considerably inconvenienced by a surgery cancellation.
  • I therefore make the following charges with respect to a cancellation unless I have been able to refill the lost booking to my satisfaction.
  1. 7 to 21 days in advance of confirmed booking-  25% of agreed fee.
  2. 1 to 7 days in advance of confirmed booking-  75% of agreed fee.
  3. Cancellation on day of booking-  100% of agreed fee.

Invoicing and late payment

  • I will invoice Practices at the end of the term of contract or at the end of each fortnight, whichever is soonest. I may elect to add a 10% surcharge for invoices that are unpaid 14 days after the date of the invoice.
  • I will require a signature on a superannuation form for all NHS work.